Lab Operations Assistant, Bakar Labs at QB3
Berkeley, CA, US
  • Monitor, order, receive, restock, and distribute essential lab supplies such as dry ice, CO2 gas, liquid nitrogen and basic reagents such as ethanol.
  • Ensure basic equipment maintenance including, disinfecting biosafety cabinets, topping up water in incubators, cleaning centrifuges, and defrosting freezers according is fulfilled per service contract and escalate issues as necessary.
  • Assist with receiving/notification/distribution of packages and tenant move ins/ special deliveries.
  • Keep lab common areas tidy and ready to use.
  • Coordinate support for current or future premium services ensuring a high level of tenant satisfaction.
  • Report any equipment or facility malfunctions.
  • Log/document activities and maintenance to ensure alignment with lab operations manager's priorities.
  • Works with management to coordinate and manage facility improvement projects and actively participates on committees and / or meetings concerning improvements to departmental facilities.
  • Coordinates and carries out department signage
  • Be a friendly resource to assist tenants as needed, sharing established procedures such as waste stream management, locations of shared resources such as supplies or equipment, orientation to online tools such as scheduling software. Occasionally provide basic operational support for lab equipment including biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, cold storage, and sterilizers.
  • Assist tenants with onboarding by ensuring company office and lab space is properly organized, labeled and set up according to Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Communicate to lab manager tenant inquiries and concerns that are out of scope for this role.
  • Anticipate, plan, and communicate to Bakar Labs team and tenants significant service disruptions to facility and laboratory resources or services.
  • Create policies and usage instructions for shared equipment resources such as core facilities and tissue culture rooms (eg. advanced equipment use, training and qualification, sign up scheduling, service need reporting).
  • May act as Building Coordinator for organization emergency / disaster preparedness and coordinates education and planning in this area for all building occupants.
  • Respond to emailed support inquiries as directed by lab operations manager.
  • Assist in drafting laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Monitor Slack channels for tenant inquiries, and triage responses.
  • Communicate to lab operations manager tenant activity which significantly deviates from established lab and EHS policies. Examples include non-compliance with safety policies or using unleased space.
  • Participate in team meetings.

  • Working knowledge of practices and procedures of safety and emergency preparedness. Comply with all laboratory safety protocols, including, but not limited to, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), proper laboratory techniques, disposal of biohazard.
  • Written communication skills to prepare a variety of correspondence, reports, policies and procedures, and training documents.
  • Skills to work under pressure of deadlines in a stressful environment with a customer-facing orientation, and a sense of urgency about required work.
  • Active listening, interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills to effectively resolve questions, concerns,issues or problems.
  • Be detail oriented, organized with skills to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects with competing deadlines, fluctuating priorities establishing timelines to meet project deadlines.
  • Competency with computer skills, understanding basic IT Required concepts (hardware, software, basic networking), Google Suite, Slack
  • Ability to keep good laboratory records.