Lab Operations Manager, Bakar Labs at QB3
Berkeley, CA, US


  • Manage maintenance/repair/calibration of laboratory equipment. Initiate and maintain communication with outside contractors to coordinate service and repairs that minimizes disruption and expense. Perform or manage light maintenance and repairs. Provide status updates to Bakar Labs staff.
  • Manage glasswash/autoclave premium services and others that may be developed over time, ensuring a high level of tenant satisfaction.
  • Manage supplies of incubator-to-tenant supplied consumables (eg C02 gases, liquid nitrogen) Monitor equipment usage and propose equipment removal, addition, or replacement. Oversee installation of scientific equipment.
  • Manage scheduling system for shared resources including equipment and conference rooms.
  • Work with Business Operations to ensure billing for charged resources is implemented.
  • As needed, work with managing director to improve building efficiencies and operational costs.


  • Provide laboratory space assignments and facility orientation to new tenants. In coordination with campus EHS staff, advise tenants on proper waste stream management, obtaining biological use authorizations and other necessary steps needed to perform laboratory work in accordance with applicable policies.
  • Address tenant inquiries and concerns, assess problems and take necessary corrective action, ensuring timely and satisfactory resolution.
  • Anticipate, plan, and communicate to Bakar Labs team and tenants significant service disruptions to facility and laboratory resources or services.
  • Create policies and usage instructions for shared equipment resources such as core facilities and tissue culture rooms (eg. advanced equipment use, training and qualification, sign up scheduling, service need reporting).


  • Be the principal point of contact for all lab safety practices. Ensure that lab safety protocols are documented and available to tenants. Encourage, remind, and direct tenants and staff to follow safety practices. As required, draft and communicate new safety procedures consistent with campus policies.
  • Regularly monitor laboratory areas for compliance with EH&S protocols. Take appropriate corrective action. (eg. safe chemical/waste handling and storage, improper use of extension cords, labeling, following PPE requirements, ensuring eyewash and shower areas are clear, no food/drink in lab)
  • Ensure all equipment databases and other documentation (including inventory and list of Safety Data Sheets of hazardous, corrosive or flammable chemicals that enter the facility) are up- to-date.
  • Participate in the investigation of incidents, near misses and property damage incidents. Ensure follow up is done to minimize future exposure and proper record/documents are maintained.
  • Document and communicate repeated violations of major safety violations.
    Work with EHS representatives to come into compliance with findings of non-compliance from safety inspections.


  • Manage shipping and receiving for building. Manage tenant chemical and biological waste handling/storage, including proper labeling, and timely pickup.


  • Primary contact with campus trades and services coordinating all activities including custodial, trash removal, grounds, repairs & maintenance, Primary contact with 3rd party vendors that support building operations.


  • Select, implement, and maintain remote monitoring capabilities for cold storage, etc. Create emergency call tree, coordinating with campus staff
  • Ensure that there is key equipment redundancy to manage unexpected failures (eg. -80 storage).
  • Supervise direct reports

Required Qualifications

  • 3 years of working experience managing a large laboratory.
  • Working knowledge of practices and procedures relating to facility maintenance and operational support.
  • Strong time management, organization, multi-tasking, and decision-making skills
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills for building relationships with residents and vendors to expedite resolutions
  • Thorough and effective skills to multi-task and prioritize daily activities effectively.
  • In-depth scientific instrument/software knowledge along with a solid understanding of workflow efficiencies in a biological lab environment
  • Ability to learn about a variety of pieces of complex lab equipment and train residents on best practices
  • Active listening, interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills to effectively resolve questions, concerns, issues or problems and ensure cooperative and productive working relationships.
  • Working knowledge of practices and procedures of safety and emergency preparedness.
Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of architectural or engineering concepts.