Research Associate at Bolt Threads
Emeryville, CA, US

Bolt is a materials company inventing the sustainable textiles and ingredients of the future. Every day we’re inspired by the amazing materials we work with and driven by the desire to turn these materials into incredible products that solve the problems of a resource-constrained world.


We are collaborative, driven individuals who love creative problem-solving. We’re always on the lookout for curious, resourceful, and motivated people who want to make a lasting impact. Join a diverse team of engineers, scientists, marketers, and consumer product experts.


We’re Looking For...

Bolt Threads is looking for a research associate/senior research associate to help us develop new formulations to improve material properties. The ideal candidate will have strong technical fundamentals in material science or polymers, practical experience in the design and execution of experiments, analyze mechanical performance data, as well as an ability to work in a collaborative setting.


You’ll be Excited to Come to Work Because…

  • You’ll have the ability to make a significant, positive impact on a team, a company, and the world.
  • You’ll get honest feedback that’s given in the service of helping us get better at what we do.
  • You’ll encounter unique (often ambiguous) challenges, and diverse teams working to solve them.
  • You’ll find innovative approaches to science, technology, and culture. 


Within the first 30 days you will…

  • Familiarize yourself with potential safety hazards in the lab and how to mitigate these.
  • Review the data generated on current formulations, processing conditions and mechanical performance, then be able to identify reactions to optimize or further explore.
  • Get trained on relevant testing equipment/methods: tensile testers, FT-IR, DSC, SEM.


In the first 60 days you will…

  • Understand how to acquire and interpret data on the above instruments or using the above methods.
  • Start optimizing existing formulations to improve yield, conditions, robustness, etc.
  • Begin to aid in the development and evaluation of key components in formulation, identify structure property relationship at a variety of scales.
  • Start forming working relationships with teams and individuals in biology, materials and product design.
  • Be able to execute experiments without direct supervision.
  • Be able to communicate your experiments effectively to a broad audience within the company.


This Team will be Excited to Have You Because You Bring…

  • Undergraduate or Master’s degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. material science, chemistry/biochemistry, polymer chemistry, textile engineering/science)
  • 1-3 years of experience in new material development and characterization, in academic or industrial settings
  • A willingness to learn and suggest methods to characterize the mechanical and thermal properties of materials
  • A passion and willingness to develop green chemistry solutions
  • Ability to work safely in a laboratory environment
  • Good organization skills, time management, written and oral communication skills.
  • Knowledge of a programming language (e.g. python) or statistical analysis tool (e.g. JMP) is favorable.


Please be sure to add to your contact list to ensure delivery of all correspondence from us.