Lab Manager at Lygos
Berkeley, CA, US


Lygos is an industrial biotechnology company that develops novel microbial technologies for the fermentative production of commodity and specialty chemicals. Lygos identifies expensive, environmentally hazardous, and harmful processes used today and develops safe, renewable routes to the same products in order to achieve a more sustainable future. Lygos is seeking to hire a skilled Lab Manager to support its operational needs across the organization.

Position Description

The successful applicant will be expected to work independently to manage and oversee the day-to-day activities within the research laboratory. In addition to leading the Laboratory Operations team - consisting of 1-2 lab technicians - the successful applicant will assist Senior Management in maintaining efficient, cost-effective lab activities. The successful applicant should have hands-on experience in a laboratory setting, and should be proficient at developing and implementing SOPs for routine laboratory work (e.g., preparation of growth media, agar plates, stock solutions, etc.).



● Lead Lygos purchasing and procurement, including vendor management, vetting additional vendors, price negotiation, and PO processing

● Identify and achieve annual supply/equipment savings opportunities

● Assist in developing laboratory guidelines, maintaining SOPs, procedures, manuals, and evaluating new equipment

● Oversee management of laboratory supplies, reagents, and equipment

● Day-to-day management of technicians performing lab support work, including the preparation of general lab materials/solutions, lab organization and maintenance, inventory tracking

● Serve as Safety Officer and lead laboratory safety and regulatory operations to ensure EH&S compliance

● Coordinate shipments of materials, equipment, and products to and from external sites to support manufacturing and commercial sales

Education, Experience, and Position Requirements:

● B.S. or equivalent degree in microbiology, genetics or biochemistry (or related field)

● 3+ years biotechnology related in-lab experience (academic or industrial)

● Excellent organizational and communication skills and proven ability to manage details

● Ability to work both independently as well as in a collaborative team environment

● Be a responsible and motivated self-starter that is quickly responsive and be comfortable in a fast-paced, multitasking environment