Research Technician at Fortiphyte
Berkeley, CA, US

Fortiphyte develops disease-resistant crop varieties to improve the safety, productivity, and environmental sustainability of agriculture. We use a variety of methods including high-throughput sequencing, genetic screens, proteomics, and genome engineering to discover and deploy naturally occurring disease resistance traits. We are looking for highly motivated individuals to join our team as we develop sustainable solutions to some of the most important problems facing agriculture.

Principle Responsibilities:

  • ·        Grow and maintain plants
  • ·        Screen plants for disease resistance phenotypes
  • ·        Use sterile technique for culturing bacteria
  • ·        Maintain a lab notebook
  • ·        Participate in meetings and planning sessions
  • ·        Assist with basic molecular biology methods
  • ·        Prepare growth media and pour plates
  • ·        Maintain a safe and clean lab environment
  • ·        Ordering and receiving

Required: Bachelor’s degree in biology or a related field. At least two years of experience working in a biology research lab including pipetting, making media, growing bacterial cultures, and maintaining a lab notebook. Exceptional organization skills, labeling, and record keeping. Ability to troubleshoot and to learn new lab techniques. Proven ability to work as part of a collaborative project. Self-motivated and detail oriented.

Preferred: Experience working with plants in a laboratory setting (plant growth, pest management, seed collection, crosses, etc…). Experience with basic molecular biology techniques including DNA extraction, cloning, bacterial transformation, minipreps, PCRs, and similar. Experience doing large scale genetic or biochemical screens requiring careful attention to detail.