Fermentation Scientist at ZymoChem
San Leandro, CA, US

The Opportunity

We are seeking a Fermentation Scientist will join our fast-growing R&D team and spearhead the Fermentation Group for the milestone-driven development of the company’s proprietary carbon-conserving technology. This role is a career-defining opportunity to gain experience and skills with hiring & managing a small team along with directly contributing to the successful scaling of ZymoChem’s first products to the commercial level. Additionally, the Fermentation Scientist will have opportunities to build out the Fermentation Group’s capabilities & workflows with cutting-edge tools and techniques as well as for consistent multi-disciplinary collaborations with other internal R&D groups, external partners, and CMOs.



  • Design and execute bench-scale high cell density microbial fermentations toward optimization of bioprocess parameters such as media formulation and expression development

  • Benchmarking studies focused on understanding strain performance and meeting project goals centered around titer, production rate, and yield metrics

  • Construct and validate high-throughput, plate-based fermentation workflows for screening/characterization purposes and bioprocess development

  • Develop technologies and/or methods oriented around strain adaptation/evolution

  • Optimization of fermentations and application of new technologies & strategies to accelerate and support scale-up efforts

  • Collaborate internally with the Strain Engineering, Analytics, and Process Development & Scale-up Groups as well as externally with ZymoChem’s partners to guide strain development, fermentation work plans, and scale-up efforts

  • Establish a data management system to track fermentation-based data as well as implement statistical and computational analyses on large data sets

  • Lead the expansion and maintenance of the company’s fermentation capabilities: procurement of equipment, build-out, equipment troubleshooting & repair

  • Work with CMOs to facilitate the successful scale-up of in-house fermentation processes from the bench to commercial levels.



  • PhD or MS in Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Fermentation Science, or a related discipline

  • PhD with 2+ years (or MS degree with 6+ years) of industrial/startup experience working directly with lab-scale and/or pilot-scale fermentations is required

  • Deep aptitude for & hands-on expertise with various aspects of fermentation R&D such as media design, fed-batch & chemostats operations, microaerobic & anaerobic fermentations, strain evolution studies, scale-down fermentation technologies (BioLector, Ambr), and high-throughput/automated culture development

  • Experience with implementing design of experiment (DoE) methods for strain screening/characterization and bioprocess development

  • Demonstrated success working both individually and cross-disciplinary to balance multiple independent experiments/projects

  • Solid fundamental knowledge of biochemical engineering principles including mass balance, mass transfer, reactor design, growth dynamics, and correlations between microbial physiology and fermentation/bioprocess performance

  • Familiarity with various bioreactor systems and control software; fermentation-related accessory technologies; and statistics, data analysis tools, and data management software

  • Excellent time management, experience managing engineers/technicians, and a keen sense for efficiently driving multiple projects in parallel

  • Ability and willingness to work extended days and weekends

ZymoChem offers full-time employees a competitive base salary and benefits package, and the company is an equal opportunity employer. If this position aligns with your career aspirations, please apply using the form below.