Downstream Process Development Engineer / Scientist at Lygos
Berkeley, CA, US

Lygos is a synthetic biology company developing novel microbial technologies for the fermentative production of useful chemicals and materials. Lygos identifies expensive, environmentally hazardous, and harmful production processes used today and develops reliable, sustainable routes to economically manufacture the same products. Lygos is seeking to hire a downstream process development engineer or scientist to develop downstream recovery, conversion, and purification processes for the production of new fermentation-derived products.

Responsibilities and Duties

Roles and responsibilities will include:

  • Take a hands-on role in the development of novel processes with Lygos’s Downstream Process team.
  • Design and execute lab-scale downstream process experiments, compile process performance data, generate technical reports, and share progress during weekly meetings.
  • Collaborate with analytical team to characterize process materials and measure quantities of key compounds.
  • Coordinate pilot-scale experiments at external sites as needed for demonstrating and de-risking unit operations prior to manufacturing implementation.
  • Transfer new processes to external manufacturing facilities, troubleshoot process scale-up issues.
  • Develop novel concepts, compounds, and technologies that advance corporate strategic goals.
  • Collaborate with biology and fermentation teams to develop high-performing integrated production processes.
  • Identify opportunities for intellectual property generation and execute experiments to support patent applications.

Qualifications and Skills

Strong candidates will possess some or all of the following attributes:

  • A BS degree or higher degree in chemical engineering, chemistry, or related fields.
  • 3 or more years of experience within a chemical or biochemical process development and manufacturing organization.
  • Experience developing new downstream processes for the recovery and purification of fermentation-derived products, or similar experience with chemical / petrochemical process development.
  • Experience developing relevant recovery, conversion, and purification unit operations (e.g. filtration, centrifugation, liquid/liquid extraction, chemical reactions, crystallization, distillation, adsorption, chromatography, etc.)
  • Experience scaling up new processes from laboratory to pilot and / or manufacturing scale.
  • Experience optimizing manufacturing processes to improve performance, reliability, and economics.
  • Proficiency in compositional analysis of process materials using standard analytical techniques such as HPLC, GC, titration, NMR, and MS.
  • Self-starter who can regularly re-prioritize efforts and work effectively in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment.
  • Strong team player who works collaboratively and effectively with scientists and engineers throughout the organization.