Data Scientist Consultant at GenEdit
Berkeley, CA, US

We are looking for a skilled data scientist to consult on project design. We plan to test a large number of chemical structures for gene delivery in vitro and in vivo, and then correlate structural parameters to effective gene delivery. We would like an expert on multivariate analysis and experiment design to help us design the experiment (sample size, parameters, etc.). The candidate should have a the following background:

  • Statistical analysis and experimental design

  • Knowledge of multivariate analysis/regression

  • Proficient in R studio, Python or other statistical software

GenEdit has its proprietary polymer nanoparticle library and established initial proof of concept by delivering CRISPR-Cas9 and gene editors to target tissues, leading to publications in key journals including Nature Biomedical Engineering (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, 2017) and Nature Biomedical Engineering (Autism, 2018), Nature Communications (CRISPR/Cas12a, 2018). GenEdit is located in Berkeley and has roots at the University of California, Berkeley.