Scientist at Abalone Bio
Richmond, CA, US

About Abalone Bio

Abalone Bio is a San Francisco Bay Area, discovery-stage biotechnology company developing antibody drugs for G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), ion channels and other membrane protein targets. We are developing our own therapeutics as well as partnering with pharmaceutical companies to discover drug candidates for their targets. 

What makes our core technology different? Our cell-based discovery platform directly selects for antibodies that alter target function, rather than just binding to it. We use next-gen sequencing and computational analysis to find ultra-rare functional antibody drug candidates. In this way, we can tackle diseases in ways that no one else can.

We’ve used our platform to develop a panel of novel anti-inflammatory antibody drug candidates that we are starting to test in a variety of animal disease models, and are developing candidates against other high-value targets.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an enthusiastic, self-driven science-lover who wants to be part of a fun and hardworking startup team. A team player who relates well with others, comfortable with a rapidly changing, demanding startup atmosphere. Good judgment in prioritizing experiments and other responsibilities, ability to learn new things quickly, and careful record keeping, are essential. Finally, we continuously strive to improve ourselves and our work, and are looking for people who share the desire to make themselves and the world around them better.

What do we offer?


Compensation commensurate with qualifications, including competitive salary, stock options, health, dental and vision coverage, and a retirement plan. 


Our facilities are in the East Bay (Richmond, CA). We are fully equipped for molecular biology, microbiology, tissue culture, flow cytometry and cell based assays work.


The Scientist will join a small cross-functional R&D team, report to the Chief Scientific Officer, and work closely with other Abalone Bio team members.

At least weekly, the full team discusses experimental results, future plans and priorities. In our meetings, we emphasize respect, inclusiveness, crisp logic and openness. 

Advisors and consultants routinely interact with the lab scientists, in the lab, by email or in meetings. 

The growth and development of everyone in the team is an important priority for us. Founders hold regular one-on-one meetings with all team members to ensure that they are well-informed and that their concerns are being heard and addressed, and to support individually tailored career development paths.

Job Description And Specific Responsibilities:

Lab work will include the following types of activities:

  • Perform yeast cell-based selections for functional antibodies against GPCRs
  • Characterize hits from selections in yeast (plate-based growth curves, other high-throughput assays)
  • Produce recombinant antibodies in E. coli, yeast and/or mammalian cells
  • Implement mammalian cell-based assays (ERK, cAMP, IP3, internalization) 
  • Design, construct and characterize antibody libraries 
  • Design, implement and test modifications to Abalone Bio’s antibody selection technology (biological and computational aspects)
  • Design, construct and screen libraries of GPCR variants for improved performance
  • Characterize GPCR expression using fluorescent protein microscopy, flow cytometry
  • Generate and analyze NGS data for identification of functional antibody hits
  • Lab operations, supply ordering, maintenance of equipment and supply, communal tasks
  • Detailed record-keeping using shared documents in the Google Apps suite and other tools (e.g. Benchling).

If interested, please fill out this survey:

Careers 2020 - Abalone Bio

You may email resumes and cover letters to, but they must be accompanied by a completed survey.





  • PhD degree
  • 4 or more years of hands-on research lab experience.
  • Ability to clearly and logically communicate work progress and results, including oral presentations.
  • Expertise in S. cerevisiae genetic engineering, microbiology, and selection/screening
  • Broad experimental  base, ability to quickly and independently learn and develop new techniques and methods.

Strongly preferred:

Additional experience with the following:

  • Mammalian cell assays 
  • GPCR signaling, G proteins, and related science
  • Antibody library design; antibody engineering, production, and purification
  • Bioinformatics, NGS sequencing and analysis.

Also looking for:

Experience in some of the following areas:

  • Computational skills, including data analysis using R or other analytical tools; scripting in Unix or Python; development of new computational workflows
  • Recombinant protein purification and analysis
  • Microscopy and flow cytometry