Scientist, Bioprocess Development at Zymochem
California, US

ZymoChem is seeking a Bioprocess Development Scientist to immediately join and contribute to our company’s R&D efforts toward impacting how the next generation of chemical processes and bioproducts are validated, scaled, and commercialized. This Scientist will lead the team responsible for building scalable fermentation and product recovery processes. Responsibilities for this position will include [1] establishing lab-scale bioreactor-based fermentations, [2] developing product recovery processes at the bench scale for purifying ZymoChem’s target fermentation products to industrial specification, and [3] subsequently scaling the effective fermentation & recovery processes to the pilot level.

This Scientist position requires an entrepreneurial-level initiative, the ability to demonstrate scientific leadership, and the capability to prioritize & efficiently multi-task on a daily basis. An adept ability to effectively communicate and work with a close-knit team in a fast-paced environment is crucial, and the desire & skills to manage other researchers are also prerequisites.

This position is for a full-time appointment with benefits including medical, dental, and vision.


  • PhD in chemical engineering, bioengineering, biotechnology, or a related discipline; previous work in an industrial setting or startup environment is preferred

  • Extensive experience with the setup and operation of lab-scale controlled bioreactors for medium and high cell density batch & fed-batch fermentations

  • Knowledge and experience with the design and testing of growth medium formulations, preferably in a high-throughput fashion and/or via chemostat fermentations

  • Prior R&D experience with downstream process unit operations such as centrifugation, filtration, and distillation are strongly preferred

  • Extensive knowledge of chemical engineering principles, biochemical processes, and microbial cultivation

  • Self-starter who is organized and proficient with record-keeping, data logging, and data processing

  • Must be authorized to work in the United States

Other Relevant Qualifications

  • Hands-on experience with operating analytics such as HPLC and LC/MS for detecting and quantifying small molecules, along with subsequent data analysis

  • Ability to write scripts (e.g., Python and R) for data analysis is a plus

  • Experience in experimental design and statistical analysis of data

  • Knowledge and experience with building computational bioprocess models

  • Ability to maintain a well-organized laboratory notebook, prepare technical reports, and make scientific presentations

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Past work in an industrial setting or startup research setting is a plus

If this position aligns with your career aspirations, please apply using the form below. Alternatively, you can e-mail your resume/CV and a cover letter to, and include “Application for Bioprocess Development Scientist” in the subject line of the e-mail.

ZymoChem is an equal opportunity employer.