RAII, enzyme engineering at Revel Pharmaceuticals
San Francisco, CA, US

Revel Pharmaceuticals is seeking a highly motivated, creative and self-driven individual to serve as a Research Associate, Enzyme Engineering. You will be an early hire, and therefore play an important role in helping to build out our core technologies and shaping team culture. We are looking for someone who has demonstrated technical excellence at the bench, awesome communication and record keeping skills and experience with standard molecular biology workflows, protein expression and assay development.

B.S. or M.S. in Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Molecular Biology or a related discipline. 2+ years of relevant industry experience or 4+ years of academic research, with practice in molecular biology workflows: Molecular Biology and Protein Engineering methods including PCR, primer design, genomic DNA/plasmid DNA isolation, gel electrophoresis, restriction digest, cloning, DNA sequencing, DNA transformation into E. coli, bacterial protein expression, protein purification, enzyme kinetic measurement assays.