Laboratory Technician (Temporary) at Lygos
Berkeley, CA, US

Lygos is an industrial biotechnology company developing new technologies for the fermentative production of bio-chemicals. We are working to replace expensive, environmentally hazardous, and harmful petrochemical production processes used today with safe, renewable routes using engineered microbes. An important factor in our work is to identify bio-advantaged chemicals, those where biochemistry provides a strong competitive advantage over petrochemistry.


The candidate will assist in basic laboratory tasks and maintenance. It may be ideal for a candidate looking for exposure to a startup fermentation laboratory setting, or someone looking for an entry level science job. The candidate will be required to work independently on weekends.


Duties and Responsibilities

Includes but is not limited to:

  • Clean and autoclave laboratory glassware and fermenters
  • Maintain media and stock lab consumables
  • Assist in preparation of research materials and fermentation set up
  • Equipment management and maintenance
  • Conduct routine inventory and manage waste disposal
  • Perform routine data processing and handling work


High School Degree or equivalent


  • Proficient understanding of safety procedures
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Responsible and capable of independent, unsupervised work
  • Basic knowledge of media preparation and mathematics
  • Detail oriented, careful, diligent
  • Independent weekend work


Lygos is an equal opportunity employer.


This position may be eligible for benefits.