South San Francisco, CA, US

Atreca seeks an outstanding bioinformatics scientist to join our team discovering novel cancer immunotherapeutics by applying our unique Immune Repertoire Capture™ technology to identify key antibodies and targets in oncology patients with effective immune responses.

The bioinformatics scientist will apply their computational expertise to generate insights into the immune responses of oncology patients from the world’s largest database of precise, comprehensive antibody and T cell receptor repertoires. Their knowledge of molecular immunology, statistics, and bioinformatics will be used to elucidate how the immune system targets cancer, and why some patients develop effective anti-tumor immune responses while others do not. The bioinformatics scientist will utilize their software engineering skills and knowledge of bioinformatics algorithms to ensure the bioinformatics group produces robust and scalable computational solutions. The incumbent in this role will work closely with colleagues in the lab to develop new techniques to identify therapeutic candidates.

Atreca hires talented, entrepreneurial people who are committed to saving the lives of cancer patients. We are committed to enabling your scientific and professional growth.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Integrate molecular, clinical and genetic data to identify cancer patient antibodies with therapeutic potential
  • Generate insights into anti-cancer immune responses using single-cell genomics and immune repertoire data
  • Develop algorithms and pipelines for novel high-throughput oncology drug discovery platforms
  • Prioritize therapeutic candidates through analysis of antibody screening and sequence data
  • Collaborate with laboratory scientists to develop novel techniques for identifying anti-cancer immune receptors


  • PhD in computational biology, bioinformatics, statistics or a related field
  • Solid track record of using computational analysis to make biological discoveries as demonstrated by publications and/or patents
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of molecular immunology and immune repertoires
  • Familiar with a range of relevant laboratory techniques (either through hands-on work or from collaborations with laboratory-focused colleagues)
  • Strong expertise with bioinformatics algorithms
  • Fluent in SQL, Python and R
  • Experience analyzing large sequence data sets
  • Skilled in building robust, sophisticated bioinformatics pipelines
  • Cloud computing experience preferred
  • Expert in using Unix
Atreca is an equal opportunity employer.