Senior Assay Development Scientist at Correlia Biosystems
Berkeley, CA, US

Correlia Biosystems is an early stage startup based in San Francisco (and moving to Berkeley soon, go Bears!). We are developing a next generation proteomics platform to transform laborious and time-consuming immunoassays.  Using lab-on-a-chip technology, we’re creating the new standard for fast, automated, and multiplexed assays that put more critical data in the hands of researchers in basic science, pharma, diagnostics, and beyond.

We are growing quickly and looking for exceptional new team member to contribute to the assay development team.  Successful candidates are expected to have demonstrated experience in immunoassay development (or other bioanalytical assays) for research and/or clinical applications. Candidates will get detailed training from our team to gain hands on experience on Correlia’s next generation proteomic assay technology and will have a chance to contribute significantly as an early member of the assay development team responsible for commercializing our first product.  Position is available immediately.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Design and optimize custom immunoassay protocols (traditional plate based and microchip based) to increase the performance and expand biomarker portfolio.

Train and supervise junior team members, interacting with customers, reviewing data, writing/editing reports.

Identify problems, troubleshoot and overcome daily challenges.


BS degree or higher in life science related fields.

Experience in assay development (minimum 3 years, 5+ years preferred)

Solid understanding and knowledge of immunoassays and bioassays

Demonstrated hands on experience designing, running, optimizing ELISA's and similar biochemistry lab protocols. 

Experience with project management and supervising/training junior team members.

Proven problem solving and troubleshooting capabilities.

Experience with BSL2 lab setting and working with clinical samples

Good communication, collaboration and documentation skills.

Authorized to work in the US.


MS or higher degree in biochemistry or related field.

GLP, GMP environment experience is a big plus

Experience with building teams

Experience with protein conjugation and labeling chemistry and protocols (biotin, fluorophere etc)

Fluorescence microscopy and data analysis

Experience with electrophoresis chemistry and familiarity with buffers, detergents, isoelectric points.


Correlia Biosystems, Inc. is a dynamic startup company, and potential applicants should have the ability and desire to work in a fast-paced environment.


Salary to be determined based on experience. Interested candidates may send CVs and cover letters to Please include “Sen-Sci-Your Name” in the subject line of the email.