Culture Program Manager at uBiome
San Francisco, CA, US / New York City, NY, US
uBiome is a great place to work.
Our mission is to transform information about the microbiome into useful products and services that improve people’s lives.

We offer Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits, as well as an FSA and a 401k with matching. We give our employees meaningful equity, unlimited vacation, and lunch every day. Our kitchen is stocked with all kinds of awesome stuff, and we’re very generous when it comes to cheese.

We are passionate about what we do and we are looking for a diversity advocate to help us create, roll out, and nurture cultural initiatives and programs at uBiome. We’re dedicated to recognizing the wealth of various experiences and backgrounds to learn from each other, as well as teaching more about ways that we’ve found through scholarship, experience, and proven best practices to create a supportive growth environment for employees. As our Cultural Program Manager, you’ll own the creation, development, and implementation of programs that cover cultural onboarding and growth topics, as well as continued employee learning and development.

You’re an ideal candidate for this position if you’re well-versed in Non-Violent Communication, have helped a few people through career development or career path selection/changes, and empathetic connections. You’re a great mediator in conflict resolution, and very creative at solving complex problems that don’t always have clear solutions. If you’re able to see the good in just about everyone, even people who prefer coconut La Croix to pamplemousse, then we want to hear from you!

In your first week, you'll...

Become immersed in our values, hear about our current programs and initiatives, and get to know our OKRs, KPIs, SMART goals, and other important acronyms that we’re using to achieve greatness.

In your first month, you'll...

Start launching some of our programs, help others as they work their way through the programs, and tweak our current opportunities. To achieve all this, you'll collaborate with nearly every team in the company and learn what makes them tick. We will also create curriculum and rubrics for continuing our process, as well as 1:1 coaching of employees.

In your first quarter, you'll...

Have an easy time seeing your impact in small things like the everyday vocabulary of employees, as well as larger things like the way we recruit and hold meetings. We will have gained tools for success from your programs and initiatives, and nearly every employee will have learned or developed in a program that had your guidance.