Director of Laboratory Operations at uBiome
San Francisco, CA, US
uBiome is a great place to work.
Our mission is to transform information about the microbiome into useful products and services that improve people’s lives.

We offer Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits, as well as an FSA and a 401k with matching. We give our employees meaningful equity, unlimited vacation, and lunch every day. Our kitchen is stocked with all kinds of awesome stuff, and we’re very generous when it comes to cheese.

We are looking for a Director of Laboratory Operations (Director of Lab Ops, because honestly, that’s a mouthful) to join our clinical lab team. In this position, you will play a prominent role in confirming that laboratory operations are in compliance with:

internal policies,
clinical protocols, and
regulatory requirements for patient and personnel safety
You will be responsible for planning, directing, and evaluating all laboratory activities within the facility. We know that every job description says you need “strong communication skills” but this is actually required for this position. There are actual walls (and often locked doors) between our clinical laboratory and other teams. We are constantly working to facilitate communication within and among teams, and for the lab you will amplify their voices and needs to other teams and the VP of Lab Ops and Quality.

You are an ideal candidate for this position if you have advanced education in a science or health-related field. You get brownie points if you got a degree that puts some letters after your name, like PhD, MS or CLS. You have run an audit and the corresponding corrective action plans before, and are very familiar with Macs, googlesuite, and MS Office. You should know what OSHA, CLIA, HIPAA, CAP, NY-CLEP, ISO15189 (and other ISOs), SOP, MSDS, and a number of other acronyms are, and you can explain them to a layperson. We would really love it if you were licensed in the State of California for Patient Testing, and you should have at least 5 years of experience in leading a group in a clinical laboratory.

In your first week, you’ll....

Learn about our goals and metrics, and begin to note where you see room for improvement in both quality and turnaround. You will make your goal to boost the performance of the lab ops team while delivering high-quality patient services.

In your first month, you’ll…

Establish yourself as our EH&S Officer and set our calendar for emergency preparation across the company as well as in various departments. You’ll also begin to independently oversee all ongoing activities related to the safety of laboratory personnel and compliance to OSHA regulations. You will be totally on top of TAT goals through recording, reporting, and optimizing, and maybe even pushed the needle on some of our metrics.

In your first quarter, you…

Will have helped hire a handful of new team members as well as supported your team in creating staff schedules, budget plans, contingency plans, and regular quality assurance schedules. You will be the go-to for company questions about lab operations, including schedule, output, capabilities, functionality, and efficiency.