Process Chemist at Lygos
Berkeley, CA, US
Lygos is a synthetic biology company developing novel microbial technologies for the fermentative production of commodity and specialty chemicals. Lygos identifies expensive, environmentally hazardous, and harmful chemical and petrochemical production processes used today and develops safe, renewable routes to the same products. Lygos is seeking to hire a skilled scientist to support its analytical needs in support of the development of new strains and processes to efficiently produce a variety of products.

Roles and responsibilities will include

Take a hands-on role in the development of manufacturing processes for the production of Lygos chemical products.
Perform reaction setup, execution, work-up, and analysis.
Design and execute experiments, analyze data, generate technical reports, and share progress during weekly meetings.
Collaborate with external R+D teams to successfully transfer Lygos processes to manufacturing sites.
Collaborate cross-functionally with biology and fermentation teams to optimize overall production process systems.
Develop novel concepts, compounds, and technologies that advance strategic corporate objectives.
Qualifications and Skills

The ideal candidate will possess the following attributes:

A BS degree or higher in organic chemistry or related fields.
3+ years of industrial experience in small molecule synthesis, chemical discovery, lead optimization, or similar.
Extensive practical experience in organic chemical synthesis, detailed and up-to-date knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry.
Proficiency in purification and characterization of compounds using common techniques such as chromatography, HPLC, GC, NMR, and MS.
Demonstrated experience in research with a high level of technical competency related to organic chemical synthesis, chemical analysis, and scale-up of chemical processes
Strong problem solving and communication skills, strong team player.
Flexibility to work outside of defined position roles to meet the needs of a startup environment.
Demonstrated prioritization, organization, attention to detail, and multi-tasking skills.