Recruiting Coordinator at uBiome
San Francisco, CA, US
uBiome is a great place to work.
uBiome’s mission is to transform information about the microbiome into useful products and services that improve people’s lives.

We offer Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits, as well as an FSA and a 401k with matching. We give our employees meaningful equity, unlimited vacation, and lunch every day. Our kitchen is stocked with all kinds of awesome stuff, and we’re very generous when it comes to cheese.

We are looking for a recruiting coordinator to help us hire the best and brightest across 5 sites in 3 countries. We’re looking for someone that has scheduling and coordinating experience that wants to help us grow from dozens to hundreds, while making sure each candidate feels encouraged and has a great experience with our unique process.

You’re the ideal candidate for this role if you’re a doer. You are a quick learner, a superuser, and absolutely hate saying “I don’t know” if you can’t follow it up with “but I’m sure we can figure it out!”. You have great attention to detail and strong writing skills.

Within your first month, you’ll…

Start planning and running all on-site candidate visits. Together with the team, we’ll all work on refining and optimizing uBiome’s recruiting process in all of our offices. You’ll be the go-to for helping out hiring managers when they’re looking to create and post job descriptions, send emails, and move prospective uBiomers through our process.

Within your first quarter, you’ll…

Have a recruiting pipeline and network for upcoming positions, and work with current employees and external contacts to help identify, cultivate, and vet potential candidates. You’ll be the first contact for anyone who thinks about working with us, and the first friend for all of our new employees. You’ll work with the rest of the People Operations team as well as to create an onboarding experience that brings employees, contractors, and temps up to speed and into the fold.

Within your first year, you’ll…

Work with analysis tools to help uBiome identify and create the most effective policies and processes for a diverse and inclusive workforce. You will have helped create a dream team to develop reliable, precision products and services focused on the microbiome.