Analytical Scientist at Lygos
Berkeley, CA, US

Lygos is a synthetic biology company developing novel microbial technologies for the fermentative production of commodity and specialty chemicals. Lygos identifies expensive, environmentally hazardous, and harmful chemical and petrochemical production processes used today and develops safe, renewable routes to the same products. Lygos is seeking to hire a skilled scientist to support its analytical needs in support of the development of new strains and processes to efficiently produce a variety of products.

Position Description

The successful applicant will be expected to develop and support ongoing analytical chemistry needs. The successful applicant will also work as part of a collaborative team to develop and scale up new manufacturing processes. The successful applicant will be expected to work collaboratively with multiple development teams to meet various analytical needs.


Lead ongoing analytical chemistry efforts at Lygos
Maintain several analytical instruments (e.g. HPLCs, GCs, titration equipment) and troubleshoot analytical issues as they arise
Maintain instrument calibrations and inventories of consumables + spares
Queue analytical sequences and organize scheduling of analytical operations to meet needs of multiple user groups
Perform data analysis and engage in technical discussions and research planning
Develop new analytical assays and associated protocols for in-house use
Develop analytical methods for manufacturing QC and ensure methods are implemented reliably at external production sites
Provide process diagnostic support, e.g. identification of unknown components in process materials, outsourcing analysis to identify + address process issues
Education, Experience, and Position Requirements:

B.S. or M.S. degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, or related field
Minimum 3 years experience in analytical chemistry supporting R+D, 5+ years experience preferred
Strong hands-on technical abilities for maintaining and repairing analytical chromatography equipment
Experience with multiple analytical technologies (e.g., HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, Karl Fischer titration, ICP-MS, NMR, etc.)
Ability to work independently to solve problems
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Demonstrated technical proficiency, scientific creativity, and collaboration
Secondary Knowledge and Skill Considerations

Candidates with experience developing, validating, and implementing methods to meet rigorous manufacturing QC requirements will be preferred
Candidates with experience in a startup environment will be preferred