Research Associate - Senior Research Associate at Nurix
San Francisco, CA, US
We are seeking a skilled and motivated individual with expertise in cell biology and immunology to join our Discovery Biology team. The successful candidate will support early drug discovery efforts in the area of Oncology and Immuno-Oncology. These duties will include planning, execution and analysis of in vitro cellular assays to support small molecule discovery efforts and new target ID. This individual will work closely with scientists from cross-functional disciplines and present findings to project teams. The ideal candidate will be self-driven, eager to learn new techniques, highly organized, focused and enjoy working in a creative and dynamic team environment.

For Senior Research Associate: Master’s degree in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, or related field with 6+ years industry experience (or Bachelor’s degree with 8+ years of industry experience)
For Research Associate: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with 2-5 years of industry experience
Strong background with hands-on experience in development, optimization and execution of various immune and cellular assays including primary human cell isolation and tissue culture, ELISA, FACS, Western and multiplexing technologies (e.g. Luminex, Quantigene)
Demonstrated track record in functional assay development in oncology and/or immunology
Experience and interest in medium to high throughput screening execution to support lead development
Background or experience in ubiquitin biology is a plus
Nurix, Inc. is a science-focused and goal-oriented organization that is committed to bringing novel, first-in-class therapies to patients. Nurix is a leader in discovering a new class of drugs that work by modulating E3 ubiquitin ligases within the ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS). The UPS is a regulatory network that controls protein stabilization and degradation – a function vital to the healthy life of a cell – offering therapeutic opportunities in multiple disease areas. The Nurix scientific team has established an innovative drug discovery platform to identify selective inhibitors or activators of the UPS, enabling the development of new class of drugs that can restore normal cellular homeostasis. Nurix was founded by internationally-recognized experts in the UPS field and received its initial funding from leading life science investors, Third Rock Ventures and The Column Group. The Company recently entered into a multi-year strategic collaboration with Celgene for the discovery and development of next-generation therapies targeting protein homeostasis in oncology, immunology and inflammation; including the rapidly evolving field of immuno-oncology. Nurix is based in San Francisco, California.