Business development intern for biotech startup / food security at Boost Biomes
South San Francisco, CA, US
Company Overview
Boost Biomes is working to secure a sustainable food supply. This will be critical as the world population increases by 30% over the coming decades, and growers need to produce twice as much food per acre. We are generating new microbial products for biopesticides (increasing food production) and biopreservatives (preventing food loss).

We do this with our proprietary discovery platform to understand and engineer microbiomes. These groups of microbes play critical roles in applications ranging from agriculture, to human and animal health, to environmental and industrial biotechnology. Harnessing their power will be imperative to a sustainable future. Boost is uniquely positioned at the leading edge of a rapidly-expanding field, looking to tap into the value offered by understanding and engineering microbiomes.

We are looking for excited, passionate and business-oriented team players who are interested in making a meaningful contribution to our early milestones and gain great experience generating new products and business from cutting-edge science. Areas we need help with include market research,financial modeling / projections, competitive landscape analysis and IP research.

• Experience in market research and best-practices for financial modeling; turning research into actionable insights. This is critical for the position. Candidates should have demonstrated experience and/or coursework in these areas.
• Enthusiasm, passion to learn and support a fantastic team generating new products for crop production and yield, using amazing new technologies to engineer microbial communities.
• Local candidates only. This is an office-based position, no lab experience required