Senior Director, Human Resources at Atreca
Redwood City, CA, US
Position Summary:

Manage all Human Resources functions for the company including employment, compensation, and employee relations. Develop and implement Human Resources policies and programs. Ensure that proper files and documentation are maintained and that the company is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This position reports to the CFO.

The company is growing and will need to assess capabilities, programs, responsibilities which are managed in-house vs outsourced over time and manage transitions in all of these areas. This position will be a key contributor and manager to these efforts.

Essential Functions:

Recommend, develop and implement Human Resources policies.
Identify strategic Human Resources issues which will affect the company’s ability to meet its business goals, and develop appropriate plan for organizational and staff development.
Ensure that Human Resource files, documentation, and communications are current and comply with applicable laws and regulations.
Ensure that the company is in compliance with all EEO, employment, and wage-hour laws.
Manage the employment process for the company. This includes working with hiring managers to develop and implement appropriate recruiting and selection strategies, ensuring that compensation is within guidelines, and appropriate controls are in place in the hiring process (e.g. reference checks).
Work proactively with Senior Management to ensure the Company is able to recruit, motivate, and retain needed technical, professional, and support staff.
Handle employee relations issues for the company. This includes working with managers to identify performance issues and develop and implement appropriate measures to provide employees the opportunity to succeed and to take corrective action where necessary.
Develop and maintain appropriate compensation guidelines for the company. Study market trends in compensation and perform job analyses using this market data.
Manage the employee benefits program for the company. This includes making sure all offerings are competitive and cost effective for the company and of value to employees.
Keep current regarding competitive HR practices, including compensation, benefits, and related issues.
Coach managers on people management skills and strategies (as appropriate) such as setting clear performance expectations, providing constructive feedback, recognizing positive results, taking correction action (where necessary) and linking compensation to performance.
Preferred Experience:

Prior management experience.
10 years of experience in the field of Human Resources.
Experience managing the planning, development, implementation and administration of one or more Human Resources programs in the function of employment, compensation, benefits, employee relations, or training.
Experience with Trinet and Radford desirable.
Preferred Education:

BA in Business, Human Resources, or related field.
Preferred Additional Skills (i.e., Computer):

Strong interpersonal skills.
Ability to demonstrate clear, concise communication, good judgment and discretion.
Ability to facilitate interactions and resolve conflicts.