Research Associate, Preclinical at Senti Biosciences
South San Francisco, CA, US
Senti Bio is seeking talented biologists to generate pre-clinical data in key disease models for our novel cell-based therapies. A successful applicant will be comfortable performing in vivo experiments and work collaboratively across various projects to meet milestones. Applicants should have current knowledge of molecular and cell biology, cell-based assays, and hands-on experience with in vivo mouse models of cancer or autoimmune diseases. Prior experience with cell-based therapies in a drug development setting is highly desirable. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about the future of “smart therapeutics” and have the energy and boldness to thrive and grow in a dynamic and fast startup environment.

• Perform experiments with murine cancer models (tumor implantation, syngeneic, xenograft or PDX) and autoimmune disease models
• Prepare and perform measurements relevant to disease models, including administration by ip, subcutaneous or iv injection, mouse whole body IVIS imaging, primary immune cell isolation, tumor caliper measurement, blood and tissue collection, tissue processing, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence staining, flow cytometry
• Assist in managing experiment schedule and keeping detailed records
• Support scientific teams in multiple parallel projects
• Manage and organize experiment workflow, draft protocols, and support lab operations

• Undergraduate degree in a scientific or technical field
• At least 2 years of research experience in a laboratory setting
• Hands-on proficiency with mouse models of inflammatory disease or cancer
• Experience with cell culture (mouse/human tumor cells, mouse primary immune cells)
• Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a multi-functional team