Scanning Probe Application Scientist at Scuba Probe Technologies
Berkeley, CA, US
- Develop novel low noise sensors and electrical probes
- Develop tools and methods for testing of novel force/mass sensors
- Work on innovative projects that involve instrumentation, experiment design and R&D in close collaboration with customers
- Market and business development

Work is to be performed at state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities. You will be in extensive contact with highly motivated international scientists and R&D professionals. Self-motivated persons with the ability to work in a dynamic start-up environment are given priority.

Ability to legally work in California is required.

Persons interested in the position should submit a resume with reference contact information to

- Versatile scanning probe expert.
- Proven track record of high resolution imaging in liquids.
- Knowledge of AFM probe functionalization and sample preparation techniques.
- Good understanding of advanced imaging methods such as Photoinduced Force Microscopy (PiFM), Electrochemical Strain Microscopy (ESM), Kelvin Probe Force Microscope (KPFM), High Speed techniques, Peak Force tapping etc.
- Skills and attitude necessary to help grow the company into a leading sensor manufacturer
- Familiarity with scanning probe instrumentation and image analysis.
- Candidates must have excellent communication skills.
- Independent problem solver.