Senior Scientist, Proteomics, Lead Discovery at Nurix
San Francisco, CA, US
We are seeking highly skilled Senior Scientist with expertise in Proteomics to join Nurix’s Discovery team. Nurix is devoted to unlocking the therapeutic potential of the ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS) in oncology, immune-oncology and other therapeutic areas. The successful candidate will support Nurix’s drug discovery program and play a leading role in building and implementing proteomics capabilities. This individual will work closely with an experienced team of interdisciplinary scientists and will have regular opportunities to present findings and opinions to project teams and senior management. The ideal candidate will be self-driven, resourceful, very organized and focused, and enjoy working in a dynamic team environment.
Primary Functions

Build and run in-house mass spectroscopy-based proteomics capabilities to identify and characterize proteins and their post-translational modification
Utilize mass spectrometry techniques for protein identification and quantification for various sample types including complex mixtures using label-free and label-based techniques
Implement new technologies and develop proteomics workflows including sample preparation and data analyses
Design proteomics based experiments together with the project team, and lead the execution, analyses and interpretation of results
Make recommendations, maintain and troubleshoot mass spectrometers

Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cell or Molecular Biology, Chemical Biology or related field with 6+ years post-degree industry experience
Demonstrated expertise in operating relevant mass spectrometer instruments (e.g., from Agilent, Sciex and Thermo)
Demonstrated experience in designing, executing and analyzing quantitative proteomics experiments (e.g., protein abundance by SILAC and TMT)
Experience in identifying and localizing post-translational modifications including phosphorylation and ubiquitylation from purified samples to complex mixtures
Knowledge of computational methods to analyze diverse mass spectroscopy datasets including quantification, post-translational modifications and discovery
A proven track record (e.g., publication, industry experience, etc.) with excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environment
The successful candidate will be strongly aligned to Nurix’s culture and values; he/she will be team-oriented and highly collaborative with a hands-on approach
The candidate should be enthusiastic, driven, have the ability to work independently and thrive in a dynamic start-up environment