Research Technician - Microbiology at Siolta Therapeutics
San Francisco, CA, US
Siolta Therapeutics is seeking highly ¬motivated and talented technical staff scientists to provide support for the company’s therapeutic development program focused on prevention/treatment of airway inflammation through manipulation of the gut microbiome. The successful candidate will work closely with other team members on preclinical studies of a rationally designed mixed-species therapeutic microbial consortium. The successful candidate will be technically proficient in microbial culture, molecular techniques and experienced in animal handling.

Key Responsibilities:
• Perform preclinical animal studies
• Molecular analyses
• Culture microorganisms of interest

Essential Qualifications:
• BS (with 2+ years laboratory experience)/MS in microbiology or other related scientific field

Preferred Qualifications:
• Proficiency in microbial culture techniques, including anaerobic culture
• Experience with mouse models including germ free animals
• Experience with standard molecular and cellular assays, such as qPCR/RT-PCR, ELISA and IHC