Scientist, Protein Engineering at Surrozen
South San Francisco, CA, US
Surrozen is a newly launched biopharmaceutical company founded by world-leading scientists from Stanford University, Drs. Chris Garcia, Roel Nusse, Calvin Kuo and Claudia Janda. The company is focused on harnessing the Wnt pathway to identify novel therapeutics for regenerative medicine, leveraging breakthrough insights from its founders in protein engineering, stem cell dynamics, and fundamental Wnt biology.

Surrozen is seeking a creative, hard charging protein biochemist to be a founding member of the Protein Sciences team.

Key Responsibilities:

• Optimization of lead molecules to tune specificity, potency and affinity
• Drive studies to elucidate protein-ligand interactions to inform engineering of novel molecules
• Explore and engineer next generation target molecules
• Utilize high affinity antibody binders to design and express novel bispecific antibody drug candidates in mammalian based systems
• Collaborate closely with a fully integrated team to make key decisions on program progression


• PhD in Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Molecular & Cell Biology, or related disciplines
• Well versed in protein and antibody engineering
• Strong understanding of how protein ligands activate key cellular pathways
• Demonstrated scientific productivity as evidenced by a strong publication record in top tier journals

Surrozen is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and will consider all qualified applicants for employment.