Senior Scientist, DNA Encoded Chemistry, Library Discovery at Nurix
San Francisco, CA, US
We are seeking a talented and highly motivated Scientist with a strong background in synthetic organic chemistry and DNA encoded chemistry to lead our library group in the pursuit of novel small molecules to treat patients with unmet medical needs. Specifically, this individual will lead a small group whose primary focus will be to design and synthesize DNA encoded libraries and utilize these libraries to identify novel chemical matter with the potential to modulate our key targets. The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience in evaluating and prioritizing chemical features from affinity selection experiments.

Primary Functions

A key responsibility will be to integrate with the existing medicinal chemistry team to rapidly scan outputs for drug-like hits that can be further optimized for potency, selectivity, pharmacokinetics and in vivo efficacy. As a member of a dynamic multi-disciplinary project team, this person will collaborate with a broad group of scientists within Nurix as well as with external collaborators. Additionally, they will contribute effectively to patents, reports and scientific publications.


Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry with 8+ years industrial chemistry experience.
High level of creativity and productivity with strong synthetic problem solving skills.
Excellent scientific expertise in organic synthesis and specifically aqueous chemistry, conversant with the current literature.
Proven leadership capability in cross-functional team setting, either as project team leader or co-lead.
Ability and interest to innovate in both library chemistry and design.
Solid appreciation of the sample management and logistics required for successful combinatorial library synthesis.
Strong skills in gathering, documenting, and analyzing information from competitive sources such as patents and meetings and using this information to guide program strategy
Excellent communication skills and able to present the rationale, key data, issues and accomplishments of the chemistry efforts to other members of the department.
Solid track record of innovation and impact on programs, with direct contributions to company pipelines (including both successful advances and smart terminations).
Experience in utilization of linker technology and chemical biology probes a plus